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Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair

Are you ready to ignite your child's entrepreneurial spirit?


The Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair of Rhode Island is the perfect opportunity for your young ones to discover their potential and unleash their creativity! This one-day event provides a unique platform for children aged 4-14 to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and learn through play.


Parents and caretakers will work alongside their children, helping them create a product or service to sell at the fair on September 24th at Farm Fresh RI.  In the lead-up to the event, participants can look forward to exciting workshops that will introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship and equip them with the tools needed to start a business at home.


Research shows that when kids learn by doing, they form new connections in their brains, which lays the foundation for creative thinking and problem-solving.  By participating in the Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair, your child will gain valuable skills that will benefit them for years to come. They will learn how to think critically, make decisions, and solve problems while also boosting their self-confidence and commitment to follow-through.


The Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair is not just about selling products, it's about creating an unforgettable experience that brings families together.  It's a chance for parents and children to bond, dream big, and turn those dreams into reality. Participants are invited to approach the fair with an open mind, curiosity, and a sense of adventure.


After taking part in this amazing event, your child will have acquired hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and gained exposure to a range of valuable life skills. So why wait? Join us for a day of learning, fun, and positive transformation that your child will remember for a lifetime!

  • Teamwork

  • Communication 

  • Problem Solving

  • Creative Thinking

  • Language Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Basic Financial Literacy (writing a receipt, counting, managing and saving money 

  • Engaged Learning 

  • Customer Service 

  • Expressive Arts & Design 

  • Social Interaction

  • Learning through Play

  • Patience

  • Manners

  • Commitment 

  • Eye Contact 

  • Confidence

  • Pride



Claim your spot! Register to be a 2023 Mini Kid Entrepreneur. Brainstorm possible business ideas. Sign up for our workshops to ensure you have the tools to be successful.


Logo? Product? Service?

It's time to roll up your sleeves and develop and create your business and brand. Be fearless!


Participate in our workshops. Learn the basics. Share ideas. Receive feedback and input. Practice customer service skills. Prepare to be successful!


September 24, the big day! All of your hard work and preparation will pay off. Let the fun begin! Enjoy the moment and reap the benefits of your hard work. Your customers can't wait! 



Erica Campbell is the Founder of the Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair.  As a First Generation Cape Verdean American, wife, mother of 2, and a bonus mom of 2, Erica has dedicated the last thirteen years to the field of education. Despite being told that she belonged in education, Erica was uncertain of her professional path when she graduated from the University of Rhode Island. However, her experience in AmeriCorps changed everything, and she fell in love with the world of education. Now, as a full-time Academic Advisor at the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Erica is making a significant impact in the lives of her students. But her passion for education extends far beyond the classroom. Erica founded the Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair as a way to deepen her connection with her sons and teach them the valuable life skills that come from starting a project and seeing it through. Erica's ability to create safe, positive, and playful learning environments lays the foundation for an unforgettable and transformational experience for children and families to share together. Her dedication to her community and her desire to share her skillset is a true testament to her character. With a B.A. in Communications from the University of Rhode Island and a M.A.T. in Elementary and Secondary Special Education from Johnson & Wales University, Erica has the expertise and passion to inspire and guide children to reach their full potential. Her story is a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a little bit of creativity, anyone can make a positive impact in their community and beyond.

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