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We hope to keep you as informed as possible! You will find a lot of detailed information about the fair on this page.  It's a lot to read, but useful information! To simplify your navigation, click on the boxes below. 


We believe that early childhood exposure and experience in entrepreneurship supports development in essential areas that are critical for each child's educational journey.  With your support, this Entrepreneur Fair will allow children to think more complexly, make decisions and solve problems. As your child explores, ask questions and creates, they improve their thinking skills. 


The Mini Kids Fair of Rhode Island is excited to support and witness your child's development.  You'd be surprised, as I was, how this event can impact your child's growth in several learning areas such as: 

  • Communication and language development

  • Personal, social and emotional development 

  • Expressive arts and design 

  • Teamwork 

Our Core Mission is to: 

  1. Give children the platform to develop entrepreneurial skills through exposure and teamwork.

  2. Allow children to develop cognitively and express their creative abilities. 

  3. Ensure children are engaged and have fun!

our core mission


To help this fair be a rewarding experience for you and your child, we all play a part!  Here you will find a list of expectations of the parent and child to gain a fulfilling experience.  This list is offered with the intention that both parent and child are working as a team.  We encourage your family/friends to support this process! It's a fun experience. 

  • Brainstorm a product or service idea 

  • Brainstorm a business name 

  • Create the product or service 

    • If you are creating a product decide together how many you'd like to make to sell.  You can make as many or as little as you'd like.  Quality over quantity! This is about the experience, not the number.​

  • Set your prices 

  • Create a poster with the products/services and costs to serve as a visual for your customers.  This can be taped to the front of your table or placed in a frame on top of your table. (We will provide tape)

  • Practice selling and buying! Some items we recommend you practice with and bring to the fair: 

  • ​Practice asking customers for payment 

    • Issue a receipt if your child is old enough to execute this.  

      • You can find a printable receipt template with suggestions on how to use it on our Resource Page. 

  • Figure out how you will accept payment; cash, mobile payments, check.  ​

    • If you are accepting payments via cash, we suggest making change in advance and bringing a box to hold the cash.​

      • ​Practice thanking your customers for supporting your business.   ​

  • When I did this with my son last summer (he was 4 at the time) we practiced what to say when customers arrived to his booth.  He said "Hello and welcome to Bubbas Snack Shack, what can I get for you today?"  Knowing what to say as customers arrive builds confidence.

  • Invite family and friends to join and shop on August 7th from 10:45-12:15.

  • Lastly, have fun!!!​

This is not a competition, it's an experience!

Enjoy it! :)




To help the fair run as smooth as possible we've set some basic expectations. 

  • Have Fun!!

    • Laugh, smile, bring your positive energy! It will radiate and reflect in our children! ​​​

  • Ask Questions!

    • If you have questions prior OR during the fair, we encourage you to ask!  Your questions will strengthen everyone's overall experience. 

  • Arrive on Time!

    • We ask those participating in the fair to arrive by 10am the latest to setup so the kids feel excited and ready to start at 10:30am.  We are offering early arrival time for set-up at 9:30.  The early arrival time is optional.  

    • We ask the Public (customers) to arrive between 10:45-12 so we can end at 12:15 to serve lunch to our vendors (registered children and parents)

Parent/Child Guidelines
Fair Expectations


Belolw are the COVID Guidelines for the state of RI.  This information came from our governments website.  We will follow our states guidelines on August 7th. 


  • If you are fully vaccinated, you not need to wear your mask indoors.


  • If you are not vaccinated you do need to wear a mask indoors at all times.  If you do not have a mask we are more than happy to provide you with one. 


  • If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask outdoors.



  •  If you are not vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask outdoors UNLESS you are in a crowded space and are unable to keep your distance (min of 6 feet) from people you do not live with. 

COVID Policy


When you arrive you will park in the imPossible Dream's main parking lot.  It is very easy to miss the entrance to imPossible Dream because there isn't large signage to point you in the right direction, so look carefully.  The destination will be on your left. 

Coming from 95 South

  • Take exit 10B to merge onto RI-117 W/Centerville Rd toward W Warwick

  • Merge onto RI-117 W/Centerville Rd

  • Turn right at Hardig Rd

  • Destination will be on your left

Coming from 95 North

  • Take exit 10 for RI-117 toward Warwick/West Warwick

  • Continue on RI-117 W/Centerville Rd

  • Turn left onto RI-117 W/Centerville Rd

  • Turn right at Hardig Rd

  • Destination will be on your left




Parking & Directions


When you arrive on August 7th your table will be in place for you and ready to set up!  Bring a table cloth if you would like! Here are the table dimensions for your information. 

Rectangular Table: 8ft x 30in x 29in

  • 8ft in length

  • 30 inches in width

  • 29 inches in height 

Round Table: 5ft x 29in

  • 5 ft in length

  • 29 inches in height

Let us know you table preference.  Rectangular or Round?

Each table will come with 2 chairs, but if you need more we will have plenty extra to cover your needs the day of the fair. 

If you would like to bring your table to use, feel free!  We ask that you just let us know of this decision two weeks in advance. 

Tables & Chairs


Food will be provided for all parents and children who are registered for the fair.  We will offer snacks, lunch, desert and beverages. 


  • Pirate's Booty

  • Gold Fish

  • Veggie Straws

  • GoGo Squeeze Pouches

  • Pretzel Sticks


  • Lunch will be provided by Pizza King in Warwick. 

  • Pizza options will be: 

    • Cheese

    • Pepperoni

    • Veggie 



  • Organic Popsicles

  • Ice Cream Cups


  • Bottled Water

  • Organic Juice Boxes

    • Apple​

    • Fruit Punch



After the fair we will celebrate our accomplishments on the playground at the imPossible Dream! Check out the imPossible Dream's website for further information about this charity.  

Playground Details

imPossible Dream 

575 Centerville Rd. #4

Warwick, RI



  • We encourage you to invite your friends and family to support your child's business as well as others on August 7th!  The hours we will be open to sell to the Public are between 10:45-12:15 so please invite them during those time frames!

  • If you are selling food or beverages there are three important things you need to know

    • Brand name items cannot be sold at the Fair.  

      • You can create your own branding if you'd like to sell purchased items. ​

    • All food and beverage items must be individually wrapped ​

    • All ingredients must be visually listed for each item you are selling.  This is to make any potential allergies known.

    • We created an ingredient label on our resource page that you can edit and print to simplify this process for you.  

    • A suggestion on how to meet this important requirement:

      • Create a poster to tape to the front of your table with listed ingredients for all to see and point it out before your customers make any purchases.

  • There are multiple ways you can accept payment when making sales.  You can pick one or multiple methods of payment below:

    • Cash​

      • If you choose this method we recommend you make change in advance.

    • Mobile Payment Service

      • Cash App​

      • Venmo

      • Zelle

    • Check

Selling to the Public


Our hope is you and your child will find enough entertainment and joy during the selling process alone, but we want to make sure we are celebrating the children's accomplishments so we will have a couple of eventful things lined up for them after clean up. 

  • ​Balloon Twister

  • Playground Fun @ imPossible Dream

  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

  • Photo of child & family 

  • T-Shirt 

Entertainment at the Fair​
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