Check out some resources to help your child understand and be inspired by entrepreneurship. To simplify your navigation click on boxes below. 

 Below are some videos you can show to your child to introduce them to entrepreneurship.

Storytime Channel for Kids: What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur

In this kid's book read aloud, we meet Rae. Rae witnesses an ice cream-and-doggie mishap and is inspired to create a big-scale solution to wash dogs. Rae draws on her determination, resilience, and courage until she―and everyone else in her community―learns just what it means to be an entrepreneur. Join me for this virtual storytime and let’s learn what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship - It's a Fact!

In this episode, Nicolas and Marla talk about entrepreneurship and creativity.

● Put on your Thinking Cap, brighten your mental landscape and get inventive.

● Meet Nalia who tells us how she found clever ways of overcoming all her hurdles when starting her small business.

● Be inspired by four children who share their great business ideas.


Introducing the Commander-in-Chief

This little girl exemplifies what confidence looks like when a child has a dream and makes that dream a reality. It's a very powerful and inspiring speech to have your child watch.



Below are some videos you can show to your child to introduce them to understand entrepreneurship.


If you would like to teach your child how to issue a receipt to their customer we have provided a receipt template you can use.  The Pre-Filled receipt to the left is an example of how you can go about it.  Here's how you could do it!

  • Type in the products or service your child is selling.  Doing this ahead of time will save you time.

  • Show your child where to write the quantity number the customer is purchasing next to each item line. 

  • ​Show your child where to write in the amount. If the quantity is more than 1, use a calculator to add up the amount. 

  • ​Help you child add up the total amount using a calculator and have them copy the amount in the total cost section. 

You could also have your child make their own receipt.  Take their original receipt and make copies of it. 
Receipts are optional, but if you choose to issue them we hope this helps!

Receipt Example 

You can view this example in Google doc. no login is needed, simply click the button below to view. 

Receipt Template 

You can choose from either Google Docs, PDF, or Word to download this template. Click one of the buttons below to create a copy and design your own. 

Image 7-20-21 at 10.22 AM.jpg

For all food or beverage products sold at the fair please be sure to have a clear label listing out all the ingredients.  Feel free to create your own or download the PDF template we have created for you. Below is an example and the label template used is a white 2" x 3" Avery product - Avery Template Presta® 94237  



Feel free to download our logo for use on any of your collateral. We simply ask that you share with us where and how the logo is going to be used. 


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